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Apple Haters, a Critical Analysis

Is it me or have the legions of Apple haters been growing lately? I am not referring to folks who simply don’t care for Apple products or Apple’s business practices but to the ranting lunatics who spend every waking moment … Continue reading

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Android’s Looming Image Problem

By now, many people are either firmly pro-iPhone or pro-Android and can explain why in a few, snarky sentences. There are few who want to see both succeed. Many of the well-trafficked tech blogs often descend into pissing matches between … Continue reading

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How to Block Facebook’s "Like" Button

Facebook has continued to integrate itself into the web like a gangrenous infection. Are the “Like” button or other Facebook widgets getting in your way or running afoul of your company’s firewall? Fortunately, there are a number of extensions out … Continue reading

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How Firefox’s Command Key Bug Kills Usability on the Mac

An incredibly annoying bug plagues Firefox users on the Mac. Despite having been reported to in June of 2006 — almost 4 years ago as of this writing — no one has attempted a fix. There has been no … Continue reading

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