How to Block Facebook’s "Like" Button

Facebook has continued to integrate itself into the web like a gangrenous infection. Are the “Like” button or other Facebook widgets getting in your way or running afoul of your company’s firewall? Fortunately, there are a number of extensions out there to help you.

You can also use an ad blocker to obstruct all things Facebook. For Firefox, AdBlock Plus is the way to go. For Safari, install AdBlock from the Apple’s Safari Extensions, or use the older Safari AdBlocker for pre-Safari 5 browsers without official extension support.

Just add the following custom rules to your adblocker to block only the Facebook widgets and the “Like” button:


Or, if you want to block Facebook entirely:


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3 Responses to How to Block Facebook’s "Like" Button

  1. Lenni says:

    Thanks for the summary. Those like buttons are exceptionally obnoxious and even worse each button is it’s own iFrame which slows down page rendering considerably.

  2. yaya says:

    Hate facebook, want nothing to do with it or even see the buttons spammed all over the place, now I don’t have to with adblock plus!

  3. mrt says:

    You can also use the BlockSite addon to block Facebook using these filters:


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