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Will iOSification kill Mac OS X?

With the recent release of Lion, it is clear that Apple is trending toward the “iOSification” of Mac OS X. And why shouldn’t they be? Sales of iPhones and iPads have made Apple a ton of money. iOS is obviously … Continue reading

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Why I Love iTunes (and Why it Matters)

At Apple’s recent special music event, Steve Jobs announced the release of another iteration of Apple’s venerable media player, media store gateway, device manager juggernaut iTunes — iTunes 10, to be exact — with yet another feature shoehorned in: Ping, … Continue reading

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Why Dell Segregates Ubuntu

LinuxInsider has noted that Dell continues to play with its Ubuntu strategy in a way that confounds Linux advocates. For those closely watching the dramatic ups and downs of Dell’s relationship with Ubuntu, it can make one feel a little … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Apple: A Switcher Story

Now that the mobile titans are battling for market-share and mind-share, it seems that the golden days of the Mac switcher story are pretty much over. The future of computing lies not in the PC or the Mac, but in … Continue reading

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How Firefox’s Command Key Bug Kills Usability on the Mac

An incredibly annoying bug plagues Firefox users on the Mac. Despite having been reported to in June of 2006 — almost 4 years ago as of this writing — no one has attempted a fix. There has been no … Continue reading

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