Apple Haters, a Critical Analysis

Is it me or have the legions of Apple haters been growing lately?

I am not referring to folks who simply don’t care for Apple products or Apple’s business practices but to the ranting lunatics who spend every waking moment attributing blame to Apple for some failing aspect of their lives. Apple’s continued success in the marketplace is their bane. They claim that Apple is popular only because Apple is popular. The more popular Apple becomes, the more they seethe loathing and disgust.

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Android’s Looming Image Problem

By now, many people are either firmly pro-iPhone or pro-Android and can explain why in a few, snarky sentences. There are few who want to see both succeed. Many of the well-trafficked tech blogs often descend into pissing matches between mobile platform adherents.

I am somewhere in the middle. I think their joint success is critical to the future of mobile computing and, although they are competing now, they will ultimately serve two different markets. One of the most interesting aspects of this fight is that both represent a distinct paradigm of computing. They represent a choice we were never really given at the beginning of the PC era, a tragedy for which you can thank IBM and Microsoft.

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How to Block Facebook’s "Like" Button

Facebook has continued to integrate itself into the web like a gangrenous infection. Are the “Like” button or other Facebook widgets getting in your way or running afoul of your company’s firewall? Fortunately, there are a number of extensions out there to help you.

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How Firefox’s Command Key Bug Kills Usability on the Mac

An incredibly annoying bug plagues Firefox users on the Mac. Despite having been reported to in June of 2006 — almost 4 years ago as of this writing — no one has attempted a fix. There has been no developer response or any indication of a timeframe in which it will be addressed.

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